Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Video laryngoscopy with the GlideScope

Check out this video detailing the use of the GlideScope for endotracheal intubation


  1. Great video and very clear instructions. Congratulations on such a great, professional product.

    I'm looking to create videos like this for other EM procedures. But I need a new computer first. What do you use and do you have any other recommendations?

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I personally edit using Final Cut pro X on a MacPro. All of the software is similar in reality - for instance, you could do great work with iMovie or windows movie maker. I shoot with 2 or 3 cameras at a time, and thus need a more robust editing suite.

    In terms of system recs
    1. if you can install your programs on a solid state drive (SSD) - no moving parts = speed boost. they are more expensive, but the performance boost is noticeable, especially if shooting in 1080p. I would then save my files to a separate hard drive (traditional magnetic drive) as they are bigger and cheaper.
    2. RAM >8GB is key
    3. processor intel i5 or i7

    Mac or PC is fine - it just depends on what you are comfortable with

  3. Thanks Brad! I'll let you know when we get our production up and start posting our own videos.